What if I'm having trouble hitting the board?

Move closer to the board. Once you’re hitting target around 6 out of 10 attempts, you’re ready to move back. The Cast-A-way official distance is 30 feet from player to front of game-board. For technique, it’s recommended you bring the pole straight back behind your shoulder and straight forward. Think of the best technique as a free throw in basketball.

What if the lures aren't sticking to game-board every cast?

You may have the wedge over-inflated, let some air out of board to where the wedge has a little give to it when pushed. Also, clear any debris from Velcro on lures.

How do I set it up on the water?

Materials needed: (All available for purchase in Cast-A-way water-kit :ADD HYPERLINK:)

About 30-40 ft of rope (we suggest polyester cord for water qualities)

Included Cast-A-way carrying bag to add weight as an anchor

Carabiners (recommended but not needed if capable of tying knots)


STEP 1) Cut two pieces of rope a little wider than board width to tie to eyelets, one across the front two eyelets and the second across the back two eyelets. ROPE A and B in illustration


STEP 2) Cut length of rope to use to connect back of board to anchor. The length will be determined by how deep the water is you’re playing on.  Cut a little longer than the deepest water you’ll likely play the game in and tie a few loops at various depths to be used to attach the anchor to back of wedge.  ROPE C in illustration



STEP 3) Fill the included CastAway carrying bag with enough weight to hold to bottom. (rocks work great) SEE ILLUSTRATION


STEP 4) Cut a piece of rope to the length from distance of where you’ll be placing the CastAway wedge on the water and the casting location on the shore. ROPE D in illustration.


STEP 5) Connect the longer rope cut to length of casting distance to the rope connecting FRONT two eyelets of wedge

STEP 6) Take the Cast-A-way carrying bag filled with weights (anchor) and game-board to the area you want the wedge to be placed on the water and connect anchor and attached rope to the rope connecting BACK eyelets. This will keep the wedge in place on the water.

STEP 7) Wade or swim to shore holding longer rope connected to rope on FRONT eyelets and tie this rope to the area where players will be casting from.